Saturday, April 4, 2015

Quotes on Teaching

     I always say that I only post here in my blog when I'm inspired. I don't know what got in my head, perhaps because of boredom, I tried to go over some of the things I have written in this blog especially the personal ones- those posts about my "reflections" on teaching. To my surprise, I quite am embarrassed by the things I have said here. I actually can't believe that I have said these things it's as if I am a deep person and an "outstanding" teacher when in fact if you meet me personally I am just a happy-go-lucky type...hehehe...But a part of me also feels hopeful that in some way or another, I have inspired some of my readers (if there are any..hehe). Kidding aside, all that I have written are based on personal experiences and my personal conviction as a teacher. Let me just share to you some of the things I have written that actually struck me (even that I have written them myself..hehe). I hope that teachers, whether soon-to-be or seasoned ones can get even just a pinch of insights that hopefully they too can apply in becoming a teacher. (I hope this isn't sound narcissistic.)

"At the end of the day, a teacher's achievement is never dependent on numbers or scores but rather how the teacher have inspired and have touched the lives of his students."

"Remember that when one becomes a teacher, you will deal with many students, each with his/her own uniqueness, the parents with various personalities plus the superiors and administrators and stakeholders. Every day in the classroom or in school is like a microcosm of everyday challenges in the society."

"Most of the time, I tend to believe that every school year is like a new season of a reality show. New contestants, new stories, new dramas. This is also one of the things I like about teaching - spontaneity. It is like every single day in the classroom is a new episode in a reality show."

"For me, a true “called” teacher isn’t just a person who teaches and comply all the things required by the curriculum. It is very true that to be a teacher, one has to be competent: an expert of his/her subject matter, has a command on the medium of instruction, a manager of his/her own right inside the classroom and has mastered the art of pedagogy. And I think these teachers are many. However, I can’t ignore the fact that to be a teacher, one also has to have the right attitude, the enthusiasm to teach, the respect to the dignity of the teaching profession, the care and love for the students, and to love learning itself. And I must say these teachers are rare. How I wish that I may belong to these rare finds."

"To be honest, I would rather wish to win the hearts of my students than to win the hearts of my superiors. I teach not for my superiors to be impressed of me. I teach for my students. They are my honest and sincere critics. This drives me to improve myself more and more every single day that I am a teacher."

"Sometimes, part of being a teacher is accepting the reality that not all students will appreciate you. Some students may not listen to you, some will just forget you and the worst, some will disrespect and back-stab you. And as a human being, this weakens me as a teacher. But like God who was also a teacher Himself, He never hated His students despite the neglect and betrayal He experienced. I hope that I can also be the same despite of my shortcomings. Bearing in mind that teaching and making others learn without asking in return is enough as a reward itself."

"It is true that we need to make our learners competent, equipped with all the skills and knowledge necessary for them to become globally competitive. However, we need to mold well-rounded individuals, future citizens that can raise and morally recover our slowly-becoming dystopic world... "

"I think one of the reasons why teaching is a noble profession is that it is unrequited.  And noble professions like being a soldier or a priest, or a teacher, include selfless and unreciprocated service. Students pass through us and go on with their lives, and it is their prerogative whether or not they would still acknowledge us after they have left our classroom. We have done our part anyway."

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