Saturday, April 4, 2015

How Not to be Attached


     Hi. I'm here at Magic Island resort in Guimaras, Philippines. Our faculty had a summer escapade here and I actually have nothing  to do because they are doing videoke which I actually have no confidence doing...hehe...We are all enjoying the place because the whole island was reserved only for us. So while my coteachers are enjoying the videoke, here I am just laying down in the hammock, relaxing and trying to reflect things under the night sky with countless twinkling stars.
     As I try to scan my phone's gallery I can't help but to realize how many pictures I have captured with my students. And there is one picture that touched me the most. A picture of me and one of my student. This student was so dear and so loyal to me and to be honest, I have no plans of being attached to him. I just realized that I will actually miss him now that he just recently graduated.

    This student of mine will never go home unless I will also go home. He always closes the windows and makes sure that the lights are off. He will wait for me even when we have our faculty meeting, and children will have early dismissals, when I pass by my co-teacher's room to chitchat, or I need to remain late because of remedial sessions with some of his classmates. He listens to my complains about my sometimes problematic life and asks me what my problems are with me never disclosing these with him. I actually don't know why this kid is so loyal. I have no food to give to him (since I am broke..hehe...though if I have we share) or anything for him to stay. Perhaps this child really has a good soul.
    Now if you' re a teacher who has this kind of student, is it impossible not to miss this student? At the beginning of school year, I always tell myself not to be too close to my students because they will only be staying under me for 10 months. People come,people go. Students come students go. This is one of the realities of being a teacher.
    But I think this is just easy for a teacher who just teaches a lesson and that' s it. But how about if you are a teacher who listens to student's problems, who have seen them cry over their problems at home or personally have seen their struggles, have listened to their insecurities and dreams in life. It is hard not to be attached, because it is as if they have shared a part of them with you, and a part of you as a teacher with them.

    However, I believe that this attachment must not be too powerful to the point that we would expect something in return. Because if this is the case, you as a teacher will just get disappointed. Too much attachment leads to expectation. Expectation leads disappointment. And disappointment leads to pain. It is OK to.miss some of our students, especially if these students have shown exceptional respect and faith to us.
    Yes, the possibility of them to.change as they grow is indisputable. When they grow, some may look or treat us differently, the memories we have shared with them might be forgotten because of new learning , experiences and people they will encounter as they continue with their lives, But, as teachers, let us just be happy for we, in some way or another, have been part of their lives. This is one of the most honorable feeling a teacher can have.

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