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Lesson Plan in English 6 Reading (Context Clues)

Lesson Plan in English 6

I. Objectives
A. Decode meaning of unfamiliar words using context clues
B. Identify context clues in the sentence
C. Thank God for all the blessings received

II. Subject Matter
A. Context Clues
B. BEC PELC VI.1; English Link 6 pp.26-29
C. pictures, textbook, chalkboard
D. Gratefulness

III. Procedure
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Review
Match the word to its correct meaning.
1. hostess                     a. visit again
2. revisit                       b. period of being a child
3. childless                   c. a lady host
4. childhood                d. needed before something
5. prerequisite              e. having no child\

2. Motivation
            Ask: When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you do? Do you pray? Are you thankful for a new day? What are the things are you thankful for?

B. Developmental Activities
1. Presentation
            Let the pupils read the following passages:
            “We should be grateful that God has given us unique gifts and talents.”
            “We should treat others with respect and with tact.”
            “God has given us bountiful gifts and plenty of blessings.”
Allow pupils to brainstorm the meaning of the underlined words using context clues. Graphic organizer like a matrix chart could be used:
Unfamiliar Word
Context Clues
Probable Meaning
“God has given”
dealing with others nicely
“gifts and plenty of blessings”

2. Discussion
Discuss that context clues are surrounding words that come before or after a certain word and help give meaning. Explain that using context clues requires the use of prior knowledge.
            Provide examples.

C. Engagement Activities
Give the meaning of the underlined word using context clues.
1. Rhea is a violin virtuoso. She plays the violin very well.
a. highly skilled                                   b. maker

2. The supervisor guides the workers in their designated working area
a. leader                                   b. person in-charge

3. People need reconciliation to settle any misunderstanding or quarrel.
a. to bring together again          b. to argue

4. The letters are too miniscule that I can’t barely read them.
a. very small                            b. very colorful

5. We should not be hasty. We should do things slowly but surely.
a. careful                                 b. in hurry

D. Enrichment Activities
Encircle the context clues that can help find the meaning of the underlined word.
1. The music is melancholic that I cry if I hear it.
2. Rhea has arachnophobia. She is scared to death whenever she sees spiders.
3. Bea went ot a cardiologist to check her heart condition.

E. Generalization
            What are context clues? How do context clues help find the meaning of a word? Why is prior knowledge important?

IV. Evaluation
Give the meaning of the underlined word using context clues.
1. The problems in Math were too complicated that it took me the whole night to finish them.
2. The novel is plagiarized or unoriginal.
3. She lives in the metro where centers of business and shopping are located.
4. Vivian reads the almanac to know the important facts and data form the previous year.
5. The boy is an orphan. Both his parents died in an accident.

V. Assignment

             Answer Activity A. p. 29 English Links 6.

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