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Lesson Plan in English 6 (Integrated with Science)

Lesson Plan in English 6 (Integrated with Science)

I. Objectives
A. Decode meaning of unfamiliar words using structural analysis
B. Use appropriate word with correct prefix in the sentence
C. Live harmoniously with other creatures

II. Subject Matter
A. Structural Analysis; Prefixes
B. BEC PELC VI.1; Fun in English Reading pp. 40-42
C. pictures, textbook, chalkboard
D. Living in harmony

III. Procedure
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Motivation
            Show pictures of animal or plant symbiosis.
            Ask: What can you see in the picture? What do these pictures show?
                      Do you know what symbiosis is? What is symbiosis?

B. Developmental Activities
1. Presentation
            Have the pupils read a selection entitled “Special Relationship” pp 40-41 Fun in English Reading 6. Remind pupils of proper silent reading conduct.

2. Discussion
            Discuss the selection using the following questions:
            (Refer page 41 “After You Read” questions)
            After discussion, have the pupils focus on the following words:
            detach              unusual                        deform             symbiosis
Ask: Do you know what does each word mean? How did you know the meaning without dictionary?
Explain all about prefixes how can they be used in decoding the meaning of an unfamiliar word. Present examples and their meaning.

C. Engagement Activities
Give the meaning of the words by matching column A to column B. Use prefixes as clues.
                        A                                                                                 B
1. rediscovered                                                                        a. additional remarks at the end of a letter
2. mischievous                                                             b. break up
3. postscript                                                                 c. discovered again
4. disband                                                                    d. to make loose
5. unfasten                                                                   e. troublesome

D. Enrichment Activities
Put the word in the blank. Choose from the box.
demerits          disappointed          pretest          misunderstanding          tricycle
1. Father was _____ when he learned that Miguel did not attend his classes.
2. She had a _____ with some of her coworkers.
3. A _____ is a three-wheeled motorcycle.
4. The _____ was done before the class discussion.
5. The students were given _____ because of not following rules.

E. Generalization
            What are prefixes? How do prefixes help decode the meaning of words?

IV. Evaluation
A. Give the meaning of the underlined word in the sentence.
1. Joey finds balut disgusting.
2. The doctor was accused of malpractice because of the death of his patient.
3. She was unprepared to take the exam because she had a fever the night before.
4. The government aims to decentralize their activities by establishing regional offices.
5. Mother misplaced her eyeglasses.
B. Form a new word by adding prefix to the word inside the parenthesis to fit in the sentence.
1. Rhea was a (taker) because she did not pass the exam for the first time.
2. The boy (respected) his father by talking back.
3. The governor (reads) his speech before delivering it to the public.
4. Maila reads about (war) experiences of the Filipinos.
5. Jiro tried to call but it seemed his friend’s phone is (attended).

V. Assignment

            Research on the other prefixes that can be used to decode the meaning of words. The more the better.

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