Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Educational Psychology: Behaviorism

     After Piaget, I would like to tackle on behaviorism. I think this topic really helps us understand more about human behavior in a tangible and more obvious way. In the field of education, these behaviorist theories have a great impact especially in the field of pedagogy as well as understanding the learners. But what is behaviorism in the first place? In the second place? Hehehe. Just kidding. But seriously speaking, what behaviorism really is?
     In the most simple term, behaviorism concentrates more on observable and obvious behavior. What I mean is that this theory is more of the behavior that we can see, or the reaction or response of a person on a given situation or stimulus. It suggests that behavior can be learned by conditioning and reinforcements. Reinforcement by the way includes rewards and punishment. It doesn't focus more on the internal factors or the mental processes of humans rather more on the external factors.

     There are a lot of behaviorist psychologists and their theories so I will discuss this one by one in the coming posts. I have nothing to do this summer so you might have noticed that I post almost everyday. At least this is a worthwhile pastime because I could have a chance to share what I know to others. Hehehe...

Here is the series of posts on Behaviorism. I hope you can read them all.


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