Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Salutatory Address

    I was tasked to make a salutatory address for one my students and I found a decent one in the net. I tried to edit some of it but I must admit this is not original. Just try to change the year and the name of the school if you find this useful. Credit is given to the original author.

________________________________, ___________________________, ____________________________, honored guests, teachers, parents, friends, my fellow graduates, a pleasant morning to all of us.
       On behalf of batch 2012, it is my honor and pleasure to welcome all of us to the A.Bonifacio Elementary School 35th Graduation Day. The journey has been long and arduous, which only makes this graduation ceremony an even sweeter occasion to celebrate.
     And so today is a time of celebration –a time to recognize the hard work we have poured in, a time to acknowledge that we are another step closer to realizing our dreams. Yes, this is indeed one of our greatest achievements in our relatively young lives, but we must remember that this success is not ours alone. The persons who helped us and stood by us in our academic journey deserve as much recognition, if not more.
     We owe most of our lives to our families, especially our parents. Their hard work and love provided us with the needed motivation, allowing us to get to where we are now. Like most of us, we want to show our parents that their sacrifices have borne fruit. And so today, all their hard work and dedication in providing us with a good education is actually a testament to their success.
     Today is also a time of gratitude. In this graduation ceremony, we express our grateful appreciation to persons who have recognized our potentials and have consequently given us opportunities to develop them wisely. To our teachers, we owe our success to your selfless guidance.         
     May we carry on the responsibility of developing others as you have molded and shaped us. Indeed, we are grateful for your contribution to our human development for you have tapped our God-given gifts, and patiently nurtured them to their fullest.
     This expression of grateful remembrance is also extended to our friends, classmates and schoolmates for showing us the other side of elementary school life –more especially to the non-material things, such as the need to bond and forge friendships which have become invaluable as we journeyed together through elementary life.
     And of course, graduation time is a momentous occasion of thanksgiving to our Alma Mater, the A.Bonifacio Elementary School for equipping us with the ardently needed values, ideals, and knowledge, helping us to become the best of who we are and can be, not only to serve our families, and our communities, but more importantly, our country.
     And so, this graduation ceremony points to a beginning of a new life, a new chapter, where we carry on and strive to live by the core values of that which makes us God-fearing individuals, individuals who hopefully embody a good character, individuals who believe in the value of diligence, hardwork and perseverance, not because it is a mere token of our educational formation but because it is the best thing to do to help ourselves, our families and other people as well. Graduation is about breaking new grounds, as much as it is a recall of the ground we once trod six or seven years past, for this new ground serves as our landmark when we step into a world that is much different from the one that is just about to end.

     Indeed, we can certainly hope that in the unfolding of human events, we will make the right choices and plan the right actions all toward our success. And so, let me make this personal acclamation on behalf of my fellow graduates and say to our dearest alma mater, our teachers, friends, peers, family and loved ones, that after today, we, the graduating batch of 2012, will endeavor to make more right decisions and to do our best to make our lives better;  we welcome this next step, and we will make you proud. Once again, welcome to this graduation ceremony and good morning!

(P.S. If you're the original author of this speech and doesn't want to have it posted here, kindly inform me and I'll remove this post asap.)

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