Saturday, March 28, 2015

LET Tips: Determining and Formulating Objectives

1. The following statements are true, except
A. Assessment can be accurate only if the objectives are clearly stated
B. Learning targets or objectives should be stated in behavioral terms
C. There is a hierarchy of learning targets that can be formulated
D. None of the above

2. Teacher M formulated the following objectives. Which is the best?
A. To understand the concept of photosynthesis
B. To know the process of food-making among plants
C. To identify the parts of a leaf
D. To illustrate the process of photosynthesis

3. Which of the following levels in Blooms Taxonomy aims to assess student’s ability to separate concepts into component parts?
A. Remembering
B. Evaluating
C. Analyzing
D. Applying

4. Teacher G wants to assess students in the applying level. Which objective would best fit to this level?
A. Design a house plan for a three-member family
B. Operate Adobe photoshop to make a house plan
C. Identify the different components of a house plan
D. Distinguish a house plan from a floor plan

5. Teacher Y formulated the following objective: To explain in one’s own words the Preamble of the Constitution. In what level would this objective assess the students?
A. Remembering
B. Analyzing
C. Understanding
D. Evaluating

6. Teacher J intends to assess her students HOTS. Which objective will be inappropriate?
A. To select the most effective solution to global warming
B. To devise a plan in controlling air pollution
C. To write a slogan about caring of mother earth
D. To recognize the detrimental effects of carbon emission

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