Friday, April 23, 2010

LET Sample Questions: Behaviorism

Here are some items that would probably come out in the LET or the Licensure Examinations for Teachers. Take note, I don't have any affiliations to the Board of Professional Teachers. What I'm presenting here are just examples of the questions or shall I say the type and style of the questions usually being asked. I hope I made myself clear. Nevertheless, at least you will have an idea that the questions are not just simple memory recall but require you think very well. Please answer as you scroll down. The answers are at the bottom of the post.

But wait! You might have not read my posts on Behaviorism. Try to read them first to refresh your self. hehehe.

1. The principal called for a faculty meeting about how can they improve instruction and enhance the learning of their students. Each teacher was asked to give a suggestion. Teacher Nimfa suggested that the physical classroom arrangement must be improved and must be flexible enough for the different activities prepared for the students. Teacher Nimfa's suggestion is that of a/an __________.
A. Idealist
B. Behaviorist
C. Perennialist
D. Realist

2. Teacher A wants to promote punctuality among her pupils. If she will employ negative reinforcement, how will she do this?
A. Give plus points for punctual pupils.
B. Exempt punctual pupils from cleaning the room.
C. Deduct points for late pupils.
D. Post a Most Punctual Kid Award in the class bulletin board.

3. Programmed Instruction is credited to which psychologist?
A. Jean Piaget
B. Sigmund Freud
C. B. F. Skinner
D. Ivan Pavlov

4. Riya is afraid of exams. Her teacher usually gives an exam every Friday. Now, Riya is afraid of Friday eventhough it is not certain whether or not her teacher will give an exam on that day. Which theory illustrates Riya's behavior?
A. Classical Conditioning
B. Operant Conditioning
C. Constructivist Theory
D. Connectionism Theory

5. Sir Miles always makes sure to give a Joke for the Day before he starts his class. Which is most likely the reason behind Sir Miles habit?
A. Law of Effect
B. Law of Exercise
C. Law of Conditioning
D. Law of Readiness

1. B; 2. B; 3. C; 4. A; 5. D


  1. Uhm sir , I think the answer to question number 2 is C. B.F Skinner and not B.

  2. Yes it's C..I think you mean number 3...thanks for your comment..:)