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Lesson Plan in Math 6 (Multiplying Decimals)

Lesson Plan in Math 6 (Integrated with Science)

I. Objectives
At the end of the class, the pupils are expected to:
a. multiply decimals with five digits by two digits
b. place the decimal point correctly in the product
c. Persevere in one’s endeavor

II. Subject Matter
A. Multiplication of Decimals (5 digits by 2 digits)
B. BEC PELC I. 1.1; Mathematics for Everyday Life pp. 134-135
C. flashcard, chart, chalkboard
D. Perseverance

III. Procedure
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Review
            Give the product of the following:
            1) 256 x 35                  2) 8, 456 x 2                3) 12, 567 x 23                        4) 3, 893 x 89
2. Motivation
            Ask: Which travels faster? Light or sound? How can we observe which of the two is faster?

B. Developmental Activities
1. Presentation
            Discuss that light travels faster than sound. Encourage sharing of students’ ideas.
            Ask: What are things you have observed proving that light travels faster than sound?
          If you see fireworks in the sky, what will you observe first? The light or the sound coming    
          from the fireworks?
Introduce the following problem:
            Sound travles through air at a rate of one meter per 0.00301 seconds. How long will sound travel through 3.5 meters?
            Discuss the heuristics in multiplying decimals.
Remind students that the decimal point does not necessarily have to be aligned like in adding or subtracting decimals.
Place the decimal point on the product. Allow students to discover how was the decimal point placed in the product.

2. Exercise
1) 0.3148 x 0.73
2) 1.2953 x 0.45
3) 56.78 x 0.21
4) 0.32341 x 1.3
5) 5.2332 x 25

3. Generalization
             Ask: How do we multiply decimals?
                      How do we determine the correct placement of the decimal point in the product?

C. Application
Present the following scenario:
             Liza can swim 0.124 foot in one second. How far can she swim in 0.25 minute?
 (Note: 60 seconds=1 minute)
Discuss the problem to the class.
Ask: Do you think Liza can still improve her swimming speed?
        What must she do to improve?
        Why do you think Liza reached that achievement? Did she persevere?

IV. Evaluation
Give the product.
1) 0.3149 x 0.43
2) 1.4543 x 3.7
3) 98.434 x .08
4) 0.78685 x 0.12
5) 5468.9 x 0.35

V. Assignment
Analyze and solve:
            Mrs. Mendoza’s farm is 0.349 kilometer long and 2.83 kilometer wide. What is the area of the farm?

 Prepared by:

Teacher I
A. Bonifacio Elementary School

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