Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Party 2014

    I think Christmas Party is the most anticipated school activity in the whole school year beside Graduation Day. I know this because pupils save money as early as September just to buy new clothes or shoes. As a class adviser, I always see to it that our Christmas Party is as memorable as possible since my pupils are in Grade 6 and this would be their last party in their elementary school days.

     I was very glad that almost all my pupils attended with one who was sick. One of my pupils initially didn't want to attend because he didn't have new clothes plus he was shy because he couldn't bring any food to be shared to the class. However, I asked some of my pupils to fetch him at his home so I was happy that he was able to attend.
    Our party this year was really fun. We did a lot of parlor games and talent showdown. Though it is quite tiring, our party lasted for the whole day, while other sections usually ended before lunch.

Here are some of the pictures:

Gifts and Food...

Parlor games!!!

Our grade 6 pupils with their robotic dance....They were so cool....hehehe

Though I'm not as cute as my pupil I was glad that I was able to have a picture with Detective Conan...hahaha..why do I always see my pupils as anime characters??? hahahah

Class picture....


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