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Lesson Plan in Math 5 (Integrated with MSEP)

Lesson Plan in Math (Integrated with MSEP)

I. Objectives
At the end of the class, the pupils are expected to:
a. compare and order decimals through ten thousandths
b. round decimals through ten thousandths
c. show sportmanship

II. Subject Matter
A. Comparing and Ordering Decimals
C. activity sheets
D. Sportsmanship

III. Procedure
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Review/Drill (Group Game)
Group the class into 5 groups.
Each member will be given cards with numbers.
With a go signal, the groups must compete to arrange themselves either in ascending or descending order.  The first group to arrange themselves correctly gets a point. The game is best of 10.

2. Motivation
             Discuss to the pupils about the Olympic Games, why it was started and its goals.
            Ask the pupils about any sports events they know about and the Filipinos who have competed in the games.
            Inculcate the importance of sportsmanship in any sporting event.

B. Developmental Activities
1. Presentation
             In the diving event, the following scores were presented. The ratings were as follows:
                        United Kingdom …..92.9942
                        United States……….92.9994
            Who do you think won the event?

Have the pupils order the scores from highest to lowest.
Ask: How did we order the scores? How do we compare decimals?
Explain that comparing decimals is like comparing whole numbers. A decimal is greater than the other if the digit is greater in the same place value. In ordering decimals, have the pupils familiarize the term ascending and descending to correctly order the decimals.

            Present another scenario.
Ask: Supposing that scores are rounded in the nearest thousandths, who do you think wins? Will there be a tie?
Discuss the general rule in rounding decimals.

3. Exercise
Compare the following decimals by writing <, >,or =.
1. 0.945 ___ 0.954
2. 0.00195 ___ 0.195
3. 0.344 ___ 0.3545
Order the following decimals in ascending order.
4. 0.254, 0.342, 0.256
5. 0.123, 0.132, 0.133, 0.121
6. 1.23, 2.13, 2.21, 1.21
Round the decimals to the nearest indicated place value.
7. 2.457- hundredths
8. 3.00945- thousandths
9. 0.03453- ten thousandths
10. 0.193424- tenths

4. Generalization
            How to we compare decimals? What do we mean when we order decimals in ascending order? In descending order? How do we round decimals?

C. Application
1. Rank the athletes from fastest to slowest.
Jamaica………….10.2503 sec
South Africa……..10.2443 sec
China…………….10.2346 sec
Philippines……….10.2439 sec
Kenya…………….10.2021 sec
Cuba...……………10.2212 sec

IV. Evaluation
A. Write <, > or = to compare the decimals.
1. 2.57 ___ 2.507
2. 0.009 ____ 0.0090
3. 34.45 ___ 34. 4505
4. 1.14 ___ 1. 014
5. 0.9 ___ 0.90
B. Round the following decimals to the nearest indicated place value.
1. 0.95 – tenths
2. 1.2356 – hundredths
3. 67.09 – tenths
4. 2.23794 – ten thousandths
5. 56.9899 – thousandths

V. Assignment
            Round 1.2857362 to the nearest tenths, hundredths, thousandths and ten thousandths. Write your answers to a ¼ sheet of pad paper.

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