Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bonifacio Day 2014

       Our school was named after the great Andres Bonifacio, a Filipino hero who fought against the Spaniards for Philippine independence. He was the Great Plebeian the founder of KKK, the group who significantly contributed for the freedom of Filipinos. His birth anniversary is a national holiday held every November 30. As part of this celebration, our school has Mister and Miss A. Bonifacio.
      Of course, as a proud adviser, my muse was again crowned as runner up. The coronation was actually an extravagant event where each class showcased a cavalcade of dances. It was so fun that everybody enjoyed the program. I was also very proud that some of my students participated in the dance.

The robots....

With our pretty muse...

Our king and queen...where are you looking kids??? hehehe

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