Monday, June 5, 2017

Learner Information System (LIS)

    In this age of information and digital technology, everything nowadays can be easily done using the computer and the internet. Thus, it is important for the Department of Education to keep up with the trends and advancements of the present times. It is important for the Department to embrace these changes as these can help in providing better service to the learners and making teachers do their job as efficiently as possible.

    Before, every record of the learners is on paper. The data of the learners are compiled and kept in paper files. It was tedious to track and excavate records given the number of learners that are consistently increasing every school year. Most of the time, these are also prone to damage caused by environmental factors.

    To address this concern, the Department of Education introduced the LIS or the Learner Information System. The LIS or the Learner Information System is a system for keeping the registry of learners intended to provide a standardized registration system for learners. It aims to enhance management of learner records. It also aims to track learner progress and performance. This can also provide learner information for better program planning and supervision of schools and learning centers.

    Together with the LIS was the introduction of the LRN or the Learner Reference Number. The LRN is a unique and permanent 12-digit number given to every learner who enrolls the Philippines basic education program. This is intended to reference a “Registry of Learners” which functions as a centralized and authoritative database of learners’ basic information.  The LRN provides access to learner profiles in the registry and even performance data as he or she completes the program, whether it be in the formal or non-formal mode of learning. Moreover, an LRN is issued to a learner when he or she registers in the basic education program either at the start of the program (i.e., kindergarten level) or when the learner transfers from a school and has not yet been issued an LRN.

    In general, class advisers are responsible in updating learners’ data in the LIS. They can create their own account as advisers with the approval of the school head and school LIS coordinator. They can enroll, transfer, promote, and edit learner’s information in the LIS. The school LIS coordinators assigned in each school aid and address some concerns relating to LIS and relay these to the planning department of each division

    For more information of the LIS, visit the Department of Education website at

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