Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Detailed Lesson Plan (DLP)

       Newly-hired teachers without professional teaching experience are required to make a daily Detailed Lesson Plan (DLP). This kind of lesson plan is also required for applicant teachers as well as teachers in the service including Master Teachers who will conduct demonstration teaching.

     The DLP format contains the following parts:
       I.            Objectives
These are statements that indicate the expected learning outcomes of the learners at the end of the lesson. They specify what students need to learn and thereby guide learners in carrying out the lesson’s activities. They also direct the teacher in selecting the appropriate learning resources and methods to use in teaching. The lesson plan objectives should also be the bases for assessing student learning before, during, and after the lesson.

    II.            Content
This relates to the subject matter or the specific content that the lesson aims to teach. A particular topic can be tackled in a week or two based on the curriculum guide.

 III.            Learning Resources
This is a list of resources that a teacher uses to deliver the lesson. These include the references used and the other resources needed for the different lesson activities. As stated above, the references a teacher may use include the TG, LM, textbook, and resources found in the LRMDS portal used for the lesson.
 IV.            Procedures
These describe the steps and activities the teachers and learners will do during the lesson towards achievement of the lesson’s objectives. These indicate the learning experiences that learners will go through in understanding and mastering the lesson’s content. Teachers may utilize procedures that are generally recognized and accepted in their field of specialization.
Flexibility is encouraged in the implementation of the DLP procedure. Changes in the procedure are allowed based on time constraints or when adjustments in teaching are needed to ensure learners’ understanding.
Integrated into a DLP are assessment methods used by the teacher to regularly check understanding of the material being tackled. Formative assessment of student learning may be done before, during, and after a lesson and should be carried out to measure attainment of the lesson objectives.
Providing assignment or “homework” is a form of post-lesson formative assessment. The assignment should be related to the day’s lesson. The assignment should allow learners to master what was learned during the lesson or reinforce what has been taught. Teachers must check assignments promptly. The giving of assignments is optional

    V.            Remarks
This is the part of the DLP in which teachers shall document specific instances that result in continuation of lessons to the following day in case of reteaching, insufficient time, transfer of lessons to the following day as a result of class suspension, etc.

 VI.            Reflection.
This part of the DLP should be filled-out right after delivery of the lesson. Teachers are encouraged to think about their lessons particularly the parts that went well and the parts that were weak and write about it briefly. In the reflection, teachers can share their thoughts and feelings about their lessons including things about the lesson that were successfully implemented, need improvement, or could be adjusted in the future. As in the DLL, teachers can also talk about their learners who did well in the lesson and those who need help.

Reference: Deped  Order No. 42 s. 2016.  Policy Guidelines on Daily Lesson Preparation for the K to 12 Basic Education Program

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