Sunday, October 11, 2015

STAR Strategy

STAR is an example of an empirically validated (Maccini & Hughes, 2000; Maccini & Ruhl, 2000) first-letter mnemonic that can help students recall the sequential steps from familiar words used to help solve word problems involving integer numbers.

The steps for STAR include:
Search the word problem;
Translate the problem;
Answer the problem; and
Review the solution

Below is an example of a structured worksheet using STAR strategy in solving word problem:
Objective: Solve 2- to 3- step word problems involving whole numbers (BEC PELC II. A.1.2)

Problem: Mr. Cruz had P4,500. He spent P2,500 for food; P750 for transportation; and P275 for other expenses and divided the rest among his 5 brothers. How much was the share of each?

Strategy Questions:
S-earch the word problem
a.    Read the problem carefully
b.    Ask yourself questions: "What do I know? What do I need to find?"
c.    Write down the facts:
·         Mr. Cruz had P4,500.
·         He spent P2,500 for food
·         P750 for transportation
·         P275 for other expenses
·         He divided the rest among his 5 brothers
I need to find share of each brother.

T-ranslate the words into an equation in picture form.

P275- other expenses
n=divided among 5 brothers

A-nswer the problem
If I add all Mr. Cruz’s expenses and subtract the sum from his original money, I can get the amount that was shared by his five brothers and divide this by 5.
Mr. Cruz’s expenses: P2,500 + P750 + P275 = P3,525
P4,500 - P3,525=P975
P975 ÷ 5 = P195
Each brother receives P195.

R-eview the Solution
a.    Reread the problem
b.    Ask yourself questions: "Does the answer make sense? Why?"
c.    Check the answer
I checked my answer.

When I multiplied P195 by 5 and added the product to the total of Mr. Cruz’s expenses, I got P4500 which is Mr. Cruz’s total amount.

P.S. I also made posters about STAR Strategy that teachers could post in their walls. I hope you would find these useful.


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