Sunday, November 1, 2015

Math Posters: Basic Math Facts (League of Legends)

       There are students who would find Math subject an easy one. There are however who find the subject difficult. One of the reasons why Math seems to be a challenging subject is the lack of basic foundation of numeracy skills. Some students on the other hand, seem to be caught in the "counting trap". In my class specifically, I always to see to it that my students develop conceptual understanding about Math by providing concrete examples. At the same time, I want them to develop automacity in solving thus, I introduce basic Math facts.
     What are basic Math facts? Actually, these are basic facts about the four fundamental operations. Technically, these are called properties of operations but these are stated in the simplest manner for students to understand. I prepared posters about these and I also incorporated one of the most popular online games (League of Legends) to catch students' attention and interest.

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