Sunday, October 4, 2015

World Teachers' Day Celebration 2015

         Teachers Day celebration is a day in our school when students get the chance to show their gratitude and appreciation to their teachers. We usually do these on October 1 to 5 since the World Teachers Month Celebration starts from September 5 to October 5. It is nice to have this occasion but I feel a bit silly sometimes because the ambiance in this celebration is quite sentimental..hehe.. Anyway, this celebration makes me and the rest of the teachers inspired to pursue our profession despite the stress and hardships we face everyday. It is nice to have the feeling that all our efforts are not forgotten and not taken for granted.
         What makes the occasion special for me is the idea that students make efforts to give you gifts and flowers to make you special on this day. I know that my students are poor and are not from well-off families and they could not afford to buy expensive gifts. However, I find it touching to receive flowers whom they have bought out of their meager allowance. It is not the price or what kind of gifts that I received. It is really the thought that counts.
         Some students said sorry because they weren't able to give me something for Teachers' Day. And I said to them that they do not owe me an apology. I am always thankful to be a teacher and everything that I do to them is not something to be repaid.  But I always tell that if there is any best gift that they could give to me is for them to be good students, to be diligent and to pursue their dreams so that all our efforts will not put into waste.
     Bottom line of my reflection this Teacher's Day, sometimes as teachers, we expect our students to be perfect. If given the chance, we want to have the ideal students, the ones how won in competitions, the ones who have cooperative parents who can give you gifts, the ones who don't smell bad, etc..hehehe. However, teaching in my school where students are very diverse, I realize that my students may not be the most intelligent (we don't win a lot..hehe), the most well-mannered or the most appealing, But who I am to complain about these imperfections? We ourselves are not perfect teaches in the first place but students accept us no matter what. If they accept our imperfections as teachers, we perhaps might as well accept theirs. And together, we learn form each other, and grow.

     Anyway, here are the snapshots of our Teachers' Day Celebration in our school...

     Doing the pabebe wave...hehehe

    Pabebe wave of the whole class....hahaha

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