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Lesson Plan in Math 6 (Integrated with HEKASI)

Hello...I just would like to share some of the lesson plans I use in my classroom. I am a Math teacher so most of the time, I would be posting Math lesson plans. I will not put any grade level since I think, Math topics are just spiral or articulated. If you find this applicable to your class, you are free to use this and hopefully give credit to the author (anyways, if you do not, it's ok as long as students will be benefited). I hope you find this useful.

Lesson Plan in Math (Integrated with HEKASI)

I. Objectives
At the end of the class, the pupils are expected to:
a. define expressions
b. translate word phrases to numerical expressions
c. write the correct numerical expressions
d. exhibit appreciation to one’s culture

II. Subject Matter
A. Numerical Expressions
B. BEC PELC A.1.1.1; Mathematics for Everyday Use 6; Soaring 21st Century Mathematics 6
C. pictures, flashcards, matrix chart, chalkboard
D. Valuing one’s culture

III. Procedure
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Motivation
            Show picture of pre-colonial Filipinos.
            Ask: What can you see in the pictures? In what time of history you think do these pictures show?
            Discuss that Filipinos in pre-Hispanic times have their own system in counting numbers.
pu=ten             daan=libo                     laksa=ten thousand                  yuta=hundred thousand
angaw-angaw=million              kati=ten million                                    bahala= hundred million

B. Developmental Activities
1. Activity (Mini-Game)
            Divide the class into 5 groups. Each group must compete in naming the numbers shown in the flashcards. The first group who will have 5 points wins.
2. Presentation
            Explain to the students about mathematical expressions and phrases.
Word Phrases
Mathematical Expressions
Five times ten divided by three
Thirty increased by one
Eighteen diminished by nine
5 x 10 ÷ 3
30 + 1
18 - 9

            Let the pupils provide their own examples.

3. Exercise
Write an expression for the following:
1. your sister’s age more than seven
2. the year today multiplied by two
3. twice the number of your subjects
4. the number of your fingers diminished by the number of your ears
5. the number of chairs in the classroom divided by the number of chalkboards

4. Generalization
            How do we translate word phrases into mathematical expressions?

C. Application (Out-of-the-Classroom Activity)
Write an expression of the following:
1. the number of classrooms in our school multiplied by the number of armchairs in our room
2. the sum of pillars in the covered court and the number of coconut trees
3. the cost of arroz caldo in the canteen bought by twelve pupils
4. the number of mango trees over the number of acacia trees
5. the number of grade 1 classrooms less than the number of grade 4 classrooms multiplied to six

IV. Evaluation
Write the word phrase.
1.  (4 x 5) + 18
2. (18 ÷ 5) x ( 4 + 5)
3. 2 x ( 1 + 5)
4. 10 + 5 – 15
5. 89 ÷ 3 + ( 4 x 5)
Write the expression.
1. ninety twice added to thirty
2. six diminished by ten times three
3. four hundred over eight less than one

V. Assignment

            Write 5 examples of mathematical phrases with their corresponding translation to numerical expressions in a ½ sheet of pad paper.

Prepared by:

Teacher I
A. Bonifacio Elementary School

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