Friday, April 20, 2012

FS 2 Episode 2:Learners' Characteristics and Needs:


Name of the School Observed: ___________________________________________
School Address: _______________________________ Date of Visit: ____________
Grade/Year Level: _____________________________ Subject Area: ____________

Description of Teaching Strategies:
   Inquiry Teaching. The teacher asks questions while the students answer. This is done at the beginning until the lesson proper.
   Discussion. The teacher explains the lesson with the aid of support instructional materials.
   Cooperative Learning. Group work is done for sharing of ideas among the students.

Description of Learning Activities:

     Groupwork. Students were asked to work in groups to discuss the lesson. They were also given certain task for them to accomplish as a group.
      Reporting. A group member was assigned to present or report to the class  about what has transpired in their group discussion.

Description of Learners' Participation:
     The class has more or less 30 students. According to the teacher, at least ten pupils usually participate. These students participate in class through recitation. Some students also ask questions to the teacher.


    Learners tend to be excited and enthusiastic with the lesson if there are activities and games conducted by the teacher. It is always good for the lesson to be presented and discussed in such a way that will make learning enjoyable and fun. Aside from preventing boredom and restlessness among the students, it also gives the chance for the students to interact with their classmates. However, the teacher, being the class manager, should also not neglect that proper order and decorum must still be maintained inside the classroom.

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