Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FS 2 Episode 1: Looking Through Meaningful Learning Experiences


Name of the School Observed: ___________________________________________
School Address: _______________________________ Date of Visit: ____________
Grade/Year Level: _____________________________ Subject Area: ____________

1. What principles in teaching-learning were commonly applied?
            The teacher applied the principle of motivation as an essential part of learning. She did not forget to motivate her students in order for them to be interested in the lesson. She did this by showing a picture and asking questions that arouse the curiosity of the students.
             The teacher also applied the principle of learning being a social process. She made the pupils interact with one another  through group works and activities.

2. What instructional materials were used in teaching?
           The most primary instructional material used was the chalkboard. She also utilized pictures, charts and illustrations. Occasionally, she let pupils watch multimedia materials like educational television shows which include Sineskwela, Math-inik and others.

3. Which of the principles in teaching facilitate the cognitive, metacogntive and positive motivational processes of learning?
           The principle of teaching in which can facilitate all the processes is that learning should be integrated. Integrative teaching incorporates the different subjects; considers varied strategies for all multiple intelligence and learning styles; applies interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teaching; connects the lesson to the life of the pupils; incorporate effective, research-based instructional strategies for teaching, and most of all, integrate values in the lessons.

PS. The answers given here are just examples. They are suggestive in nature and may vary depending on the kind of class and teacher being observed. 

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