Friday, April 20, 2012

How To Avoid Teacher Burnout

          It is already a fact that the teaching profession is one of the most or not the most stressful professions of man. He/she has to face a lot of problems everyday especially managing pupils/students with different personalities not to mention of whole-day talking and mountains of paper work. Sometimes, teachers ended up drained and very tired. These are some of the ways how a teacher can refresh and recharge him/herself and maintain a positive attitude toward his/her noble profession.

1. Read a book. Reading your favorite book is not only relaxing but as well as a worthwhile pastime for a teacher like you. It may change your mood for the day and will help you go away from the real world even just for a few moments especially if your reading your favorite novel. Inspirational books, the Bible and other books that energize the spirit can also be of great help that will motivate you more to go forward.

2. Listen to your favorite music. Music will never fail to soothe one's soul. Have a time to relax by listening to your favorite music whether classical, pop, mellow, etc. music. There are lots of choices you can choose from. Also, listening to audio books gives a relaxing getaway for your tired soul.

3. Call a friend. Be energized by being with your friends. Your friends can comfort you, make you laugh and let you feel that you are not alone.

4. Go to church or to your favorite quiet place. Silence will surely rest your heart. It will give you an escape from the noise while inside the school. A time of reflection with God and yourself will definitely make you replenished and filled.

5. Treat yourself. Go to your favorite restaurant, go to mall and buy yourself a dress you've been wanting to buy, give yourself a haircut, etc. Reward yourself sometimes for your hardwork and for a job well done.

          I think there are a lot of things a teacher can do to revitalize him/herself. Just remember not to let be defeated by the stress of the work and maintain optimism and enthusiasm.


  1. Jay you had posted a fabulous tips for us teacher....From now on, I will be visiting your site.....God bless

  2. Thanks...I haven't posted teacher wellness tips for some I think I'll be posting similar topics if you find them useful...