Monday, May 16, 2011

Visavis: My Substitute Teaching Experience

         After the rankings for teacher applicants in our division were announced, I was blessed enough to immediately have my assignment as a substitute teacher at Iloilo Central Elementary School. Coincidentally, this was where I also had my internship when I was still in college, and I was a bit glad to return in the school where I had lots of good memories.

        I was tasked to substitute a Grade 6 Filipino teacher. I felt everything happened so fast that it was 2 pm when I received a text message instructing me to report to the division office, then at around 2:30 I was talking with the principal, and at around 3 pm, I was already attending a teachers' meeting! Adding up to the coincidences, I was surprised that the pupils who I will be handling were also the same pupils I had during my internship!
        This added to my excitement since I know that I'm familiar with them and vice versa. I was also happy to see them again, but now as grown ups being in Grade 6 and as pubescents.

(I think that's all...I find it too personal sharing this in the net. I'm kinda afraid that someone who are familiar with the people involved in my story will be talking this to them. hehehe...Just to wrap up this story, I really learned a lot in my 2-month tenure as a substitute teacher at ICES. I have to be honest but my experience there had been a pivotal turn for me not only as a teacher but as a person; not as to my professional relationship with my co-teachers, but greatly more on my relationship with my pupils.All I can say is that I value my pupils more than they value me as their teacher...)

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