Wednesday, May 4, 2011

LET Tips: David Ausubel's Subsumption Theory

    It's a bit hard to find questions relating to this theory. I must admit (and I'm sorry Sir David) that this theory is not that popular among education students (but if you ask them about Piaget, they will answer you immediately). However, let us never neglect how important this theory is since this can be very helpful in making the most common type of teaching more meaningful.

1. Teacher Rhea teaches first all about the continents then discusses each continent in detail. Teacher Rhea adheres to whom?
A. Albert Bandura
B. Robert Gagne
C. David Ausubel
D. Michael Flavell

2. According to Ausubel, this is presenting first the general idea of the subject rather than teaching the information in isolation.
A. Mental Schema
B. Cognitive Discrimination
C. Progressive Differentiation
D.Process of Subsumption

3. David Ausubel proposed the use of what important instructional material?
A. Audio-Visual Aids
B. Simulation
C. Mock-ups
D. Advance Organizers

4. Subsumption Theory makes what teaching approach more meaningful?
A. Experiential Learning Approach
B. Expository Approach
C. Collaborative Approach
D. Hands-on Approach

5. In the school setting, it is a common practice in Language teaching to teach the learners first the skills in listening, then speaking, reading and writing respectively. Which theory adheres to this principle?
A. Subsumption Theory
B. Information Processing Theory
C. VAK Theory
D. Constructivist Theory

I will no longer post the answers. You will have the responsibility to search for answers. Anyway, the answers are found in my previous posts.

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