Sunday, May 15, 2011

April 2011 LET Results

        Congratulations to the new batch of professional teachers who passed the Licensure Examinations for Teachers held last April 3, 2011. I hope that some of these passers have visited my blog and have used what they learned when they took the test. I hope that I have in some way or another helped them. The list of the passers is all over the net. Just google them if you like (hehehe). However, I would like to specially congratulate those who have made it in the Top 10 April 2011 LET Takers. I suppose that your family and friends are really proud of you. Make use of what you have achieved to help yourself and your family, and of course for the greater glory of God. (wew...I can't believe I'm saying these...hehehe) Congrats again!!!

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