Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Post for November: Pista Minatay

Pista Minatay (Hiligaynon term for Feast of the Dead, Undas among Tagalogs, or All Saints Day/All Souls Day in the Church calendar) is an annual event held every November 1 or 2 in the Philippines. This serves various functions among Filipinos: from visiting their deceased loved ones in the cemetery and offering prayers to the dead, to various antics like costume/Halloween parties, trick or treats which of course, can be traced back from Western influence of Halloween celebration.

Enough with the technicalities, hehehe.. I just would like to share what I did during Pista Minatay (just for the sake of posting for this month).

Every Pista Minatay, my mother cooks traditional Filipino dishes with glutinous rice as the main ingredient(a traditonal practice common to Filipinos) like suman, kalamayhati(I don't know the Filipino translation), inday-inday, arroz de valenciana, etc. However this year, she wasn't able to do so because of her old age...(Actually she still can cook but she chose not to because she was lazy that day...hehehe...)

This is not a picture of a wimpy kid...or a high school stud...this is me......

Mga kasama...

with my sistah and nephews...

As expected, we went to the cemetery to visit my deceased older sister who died when she was still at the young age of five as well as my grandfather on my father's side. After giving a solemn prayer, we decided to take pictures and went home as fast as we could because of the rainy weather.

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