Monday, November 8, 2010

Educational Psychology: Albert Bandura's Social Learning Theory (also my First Video Post)

          It has been soooooooooooooooooooooooooo long since I last posted about Educational Psychology topics. However this time, I added a new feature that will surely make learning about these topics more interesting and effective. And the first on my list is no other than Albert Bandura and his Social Learning Theory. As a sort of summary, we are grateful for Mr. Bandura because he gave us the idea of Observational Learning. If Dewey is "learning by doing" guy, Bandura is "learning by observing/imitating" hearthrob (hearthrob?relate relate relate...LOL). Seriously, Bandura said that learners learn through observation/imitation especially from the people around them. Later I will discuss comprehensively about this theory but for now, you can watch the following video clip re Bandura's Social Learning Theory. (Spoiler Alert!!! The following scenes may be disturbing...)(Expect more videos on the next topics that I will be respect with the principle that the more senses being used, more learning happens...hehehehe)

(video courtesy of Microsoft Encarta...Thanks!!!)


  1. Learning by imitating is the very best way to learn... Thanks for that very informative post!!! Keep on posting, will you???

  2. you said that learning by observing, is the best way of learning to the learners.we should learn how we react the learning process.we must respect other people as you respect your self.thanks for the informtion that gave.

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