Saturday, October 23, 2010

About Me: My Aeta Community Experience

          It has been awhile since I posted something. I have been "busy" these days...hehehe...Anyway, I would like to go away from my usual posts about education topics. Let me share to you more about me, my personal experiences and glimpses of my life (As if someone's interested...who cares? This is my first "personal experience" post, and I hope that you will learn a bit from this....
This is me???

My classmates...

  My experience with an Aeta community for at least half a day has given me a lot of insights not only as a SPED student or as an educator but as a person as well.
                I personally admired how simple their lives are, how they easily find joy on the things that we usually take for granted. I really felt how happy they were, most especially the children, on the things we had brought to them. This made me realize that they may have less in life, but this doesn’t mean that they are pitiful.
                As an educator, I was a bit alarmed by the fact that most of children, if not all, are lagged in terms of getting the right education. One of them for instance is already 14 years old yet is still in Grade 1. Compared to regular school children, they may be considered delayed, educationally and mentally. I also thought that maybe this was due to various factors, poverty as one of the major reasons.
I just grabbed this photo from one of my classmates...hehehe...maam che and sir richard guest appearance in my famous blog...wahahahahaha....

Also, I reflected that to be a SPED educator, I learned that I can come across with families with diverse backgrounds, including difference in socioeconomic status, ethnicity, culture etc. Therefore, I must be more sensitive, prepared, aware, and all the attributes needed in order for me to develop a healthy and collaborative relationship with these families and in order to employ the best instruction possible to my students with special needs.
(Honestly, this was my short reflection paper in one of my courses in SPED. Maam Lizz, you know who you are. I sent my reflection to your email but I haven't received any reply from you. I hope that you have received it. And if not, please contact me through fb...ok????)

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