Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thematic Teaching

Thematic Teaching is a strategy that connects all subject areas using a common "theme". This theme serves as the focus or the binding idea in which the objectives and activities of different learning areas will be based. This provides a purpose, a link that makes learning integrated thus meaningful.

For this strategy to be effective, teachers must collaborate in order to decide a central theme that can be used to teach a lesson or a unit. Then they can decide what activities that can be included visavis with the theme.

Let us have a concrete example. Supposing the theme would be, "Philippines, A Spanish Experience". Using this theme, the following objectives can be formulated on each subject:

Science: Evaluate the technological advancements in the Philippines from Spanish Era up to the present

Mathematics: Develop a pictograph on the duration of Spanish regime in relation to other foreign colonizers who controlled the Philippines.

English: Identify infinitives by reading a selection entitled, "Philippines: 0n the Hands of Spain"

Filipino: Matukoy ang mga gamit ng pangngalan sa pagbasa ng kwentong, "Ang Buhay ni Andres"

MAPEH: Maawit ang ilan sa mga kundimang umusbong sa panahon ng himagsikan

Araling Panlipunan: Masuri ang pagbabagong naidulot ng pagsakop ng Kastila sa Pilipinas

HELE: Makapagluto ng putaheng impluwensya ng Kastila

Values Education: Express the value of freedom by writing a short credo for the country

May I reiterate that this is just an example. I just don't know which topics are taught in line with each other at a certain period of time. Nevertheless, I hope this gave you a concrete idea about thematic teaching.


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