Sunday, March 7, 2010

Music and Being Smart

I am happy to know that music makes a person smart.

Based on my experience, I think this is true. When we are listening to music, it makes us at ease and relaxed that we can do the things that we need to do with alertness and enthusiasm. Maybe that is also the reason why some students listens to the music when studying.

But I think that there are also limitations in this article. Maybe the music it pertains are music which does not irritates to our ears like pop, classical, or any other music. In my opinion, I think that rock or heavy metal music is not included.

I think I am not being unfair to those who love rock or heavy metal music. As far as I can remember, I once saw a study in PhilSci that focuses on the effects of rock music to the rate of memorization and study quality of the students. And I found out that rock music gave them low performance rate while soft or good music gave them positive outcome.

But of course, I am not concluding, it still depends upon the person.

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  1. I agree with your perception sir.. soft music makes us to study more...