Friday, March 12, 2010

Application for Public School

Yesterday, I woke up that morning with nothing to worry about. I thought of texting Sir Lego because I just want to confirm if the passing of application for a teaching position in public school will still be until next week. But then I was shocked to know that the deadline is this week. In short, I only have 1 day to finish all the papers I need to pass. I haven't made my application letter, revised my resume and to prepare all the other papers. So I was really cramming. I still had to tutor in the afternoon so I had to be absent in one of my session just to finish my application. At the end, after all the fros and tos, I was able to pass. I passed my application at my alma mater in elementary and I was really glad to know that my teacher there were happy and honored that I will be teaching with them. The principal was on leave so I got the chance to talk more to my teachers and to roam around school. Hay...I was very tired...But at least, I was able to catch up with the deadline. I really hope that they will find my application impressive. Hehehe...

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