Monday, March 22, 2010

Applications: Piaget's Pre Operational Stage

1. When presenting something, whether these are instructions, explanations lessons or directions, be concrete. Use illustrations, real objects, models even demonstrations. Don't only say them, don't be too verbose. Show them and even act them. You can be a model or even one of your pupils to demonstrate a given instruction or a scenario.
2. Since at this stage children are egocentric, avoid lessons or examples that are not immediate on child's experience. Listen to their stories, have an open discussion and sharing of experiences.
3. Have more of hands on activities than paper and pencil tasks. Let them manipulate objects and experience objects themselves especially if these will give them the opportunity to understand more about conservation. Objects like clay, water or sand could really help a lot.
4. Widen the world of a child. Let them explore their environment by having out of the classroom activities such as visits to different places or field trips.

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