Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Lakawon Island Beach Resort, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental

     Before we went home from Dumaguete, we made a side trip to Lakawon Island Beach Resort in the northern part of Negros Occidental, Cadiz City. We left Dumaguete at around 10:00 PM and arrived at Cadiz City at around 5;30 AM. While on the trip, I must say that the smell of sugar cane and molasses was nostalgic. When I was young, trucks from the province with sugar canes passed by our house and I can smell this scent while half-asleep. It was nice that though the trip was long, it brought back some of my childhood memories…hehe.

     When we arrived at Cadiz City, we were welcomed by their young and very accommodating district supervisor. He was very hospitable that he prepared breakfast for us and arranged our trip to Lakawon. From Cadiz City, it was a 30-45 minute ride to the dock going to Lakawon Island. And out of coincidence, the van driver’s wife, the former teacher of our good host, was actually my brother-in-law’s sister. At first glance, I saw a bit of resemblance with my brother-in-law. When she started talking that she actually is from Iloilo City, I asked her if she knew my brother-in-law. And to both our surprise, she was indeed his sister. It’s a small world after all! Now going back to Lakawon, we paid the entrance fee inclusive of the fare for the boat going to the island. I forgot how much but it was around 250 to 350 pesos since we also paid to go to their floating bar.

     The beach was great. The sand was white and powdery and the water was clear. It is indeed the Boracay of Negros. The amenities like CR and food canteen (the food was expensive) were present and there were also overnight cottages. They also have a floating bar for those who want to enjoy swimming and drinking at the middle of the sea.

     Though the beach in itself was very nice, I would still love to appreciate it if it wasn’t too crowded. It is understandable that tourists flock the island because it was peak season but I am quite worried that it will most likely be the same with Boracay being too commercialized. I hope that the owners and the LGU will think not just of the business aspect but also the environmental aspect of the island in order to preserve its beauty.

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