Friday, August 28, 2015

Sample MTAP Questions Grade 2

    Hello! I would be sharing some sample questions for parents, teachers and students who prepare for the annual Metrobank-DepEd-MTAP Math Competition. These are not the actual questions but hopefully would help them practice and train for the competition. Credits are given to the author of the questions specifically from MTAP (Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines).

1. Jannah spent 2/3 hour doing her homework. How much minutes did she spend doing her homework?
2. A baker bought 16 kg of flour. He used 2/4 of the flour to make cookies. How much flour did he use?
3. My numerator is 2 less than my denominator. I am more than 1/2. What fractions can I be?
4. Liza has P120. She spent 1.2 of it on school materials and 1.3 of what remained on merienda. How much money had she left?
5. Liza sold 125 flowers in the morning and 260 flowers in the afternoon. If she had 500 flowers, how many flowers were not sold?
6. A factory manufactured 3652 dolls in January. 880 fewer dolls were manufactured in February than in January. What was the total number of dolls manufactured in two months?
7. John has 356 stickers. He had 36 more stickers than Janine. Andrew had 43 fewer stickers than Janine. How many stickers did Andrew have?

8. Carlo is 4 kg heavier than Caleb. Caleb is 5 kg lighter than Pater. If Peter has a weight of 39 kg, what is Carlo’s weight?
9. John collected 35 empty bottles for his Science project. Lito collected 53 empty bottles. How many bottles did they collect in all?
10. Mother prepares sandwiches for the visitors. She placed 18 sandwiches on one plate and 15 on another plate. How many sandwiches did she prepare in all?
11. Anton had some apples. He sold 267 apples on Monday, 386 on Tuesday and 98 apples left. How many apples had he at first?
12. J-El had 242 marbles. He lost them in a game and bought another 29 more. How many marbles had he now?
13. Thirty-three children are in the room. Six of them went out and 10 came in. Next 15 of them went out and 16 came in. How many children were there in a room?
14. There are 42 pupils in the class. There are 4 more boys than girls. How mnay girls are there in a class?
15. Jean and Nina together baked 72 some cookies. Jean baked 10 more cookies than Nina. How many cookies did each girl bake?
16. Angel has 4 twenty peso bills. She spent P25 for lunch. How much money was left to her?
17. Charmella has 5 pots of roses with 8 flowers in each pot. She picked 12 roses. How many flowers were left?
18. John bought 3 sandwiches at P10 each. He gave P50 to the cashier. How much is his change?
19. Lina bought a pencil costs P7 and three notebooks for P10 each. How much did she need to pay for these school materials?
20. Joy has 5 packs of cupcakes with 6 in each pack. She ate 3 cupcakes and shared 5 with her friends. How many cupcakes were left?
21. There are 5 cars and 4 motorcycles in the carpark. How many wheels are there in all?
22. In a store there are 10 boxes of 6 fruit juices and 4 single packs. How many fruit juices are there in all?
23. Pam ordered 6 packs of empanada. Each pack contains 6 empanadas. She served 10 empanadas to her visitors and gave 5 empanadas to her sister. How many empanadas were left?
24. My math book is in my locker. All the digits in my locker number are odd numbers and their sum is 11. There are 120 lockers. What is my locker number?
25. Write all three digit number that are greater than 400 which can be formed from the digits 4,5 and 6 with no digit repeated.
26. The zoo got some new giraffe. The zookeeper asked the helper to deliver one bucket of food to each new giraffe. The zookeeper gave his helper some clues about how many new zebras need food. “There are more than 15 but fewer than 25. It is an odd number. The sum of the digits is 5.” How many buckets does the helper need?

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