Saturday, August 8, 2015


   This day, I lost one of the most important things any person should have---my phone. I use this almost all the time, from texting, for playing, to reading and even for praying (I have a rosary app in my phone).

    Hay I lost in when I rode a jeepney back home. I wasn't expecting to lose it since it was a Saturday and I was having a relaxing time watching TV. But all of a sudden, my principal texted to me get something from the school because the report will be needed on Monday (talk about being an outstanding teacher..tsk tsk..) So hesitantly, I  jumped straight out of my bed and went to school even without taking a bath. Anyway, our school is considerably near to my house though I need to walk about 15 minutes to get there. Of course I bought my phone and an umbrella because the weather that time was rainy. I also wore a jacket just to hide my "house clothes". Since my android phone was quite big (about 5.5 inches), I didn't want to put it my shorts because the pocket was too loose. So I decided to just place it in the pocket of my jacket and I walked my way to school.
    I got the needed papers and when I was to go back home, the sky seemed to get darker and I was afraid that if I still walk, the pertinent papers would get wet. So I decided to ride in a jeepney, which I seldom do. I actually felt that my phone was still on my pocket before I rode into the jeepney. However, after several steps after I jumped off from the jeepney, I felt that my phone wasn't in the pocket anymore. Hay to make this story short, after all the things I did, (calling the phone, chasing the jeepney, looking for the driver, etc), I didn't get my phone back. Because if the person who actually found it was honest enough to return it, he or she could have contacted the number in my phone since it has no security features. I was quite sad not because the phone was pricey, I was sad because I have lots of pictures there especially with my students. Some of them I was able to upload through Facebook, but most of them I did not. I was also saddened by the idea that honest people are just rare nowadays. Because if I found a phone myself, I would have returned it to the owner.
   Anyway, to save my self from this negativity, I just moved on and try to buy a new one. To be honest, I blame my principal, because if he didn't ask me to get the papers pronto, that Saturday could have been a relaxing day rather than a very stressful one....and the fact that it was Saturday, which is not an official day for me to go back to school...hay....

P.S.If you are the one who found my phone, because I believe that through my gallery you would have known that the owner was a teacher, I hope that God will give what you deserve. I may have lost something and you may have earned, but I believe in karma, what comes around goes around...

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