Sunday, June 21, 2015

First Day of School

    This school year perhaps is one of the years which I have the most number of students. I currently have fifty students in my enrollment, four of which are re-entries while two are transferees.
     This serves me a challenge since I would be handling fifty different personalities and attitudes. I also had the problem with my armchairs since I initially have only forty-three. This means I lack seven more chairs to accommodate my students.
     On the first day of school, I got the vibe that this school year would be quite challenging. I notice that most of my students these year, especially the boys are "tiny" sixth graders, who based on my experience, are more restless and energetic. And I was right. hehehe...Hay.. They talk and tease a lot, not to mention that they have the tendency to roam around the classroom. Anyway, I also had quite a number of "big boys", most of them are over-aged. Hopefully I could utilize them and their maturity to help me control the naughtiness of the small ones. My girls on their other hand, were mostly "well behaved" and hopefully they would until the rest of the year.
    This year, I also am a bit frustrated knowing that I have the most teaching loads in the intermediate grade as compared to my other co-teachers. I have three coordinatorship, but it seems these were not given consideration. Hay, I can only complain but at the end of the day, I can do nothing about it. I just have to think that my focus is my students though I felt unfair about the distribution of loads. (FYI, in public schools, whether a teacher has the most or least load, the salary is still constant, as compared to private schools in which more loads mean more salary). The more that I think about it, the more I get frustrated. So better for me to just accept and just to think that what I do is of service to my students. I love teaching but if there is one thing I hate about, it is to deal with my colleagues and the feeling that you are not heard being a young teacher.
   Though I may have qualms about my status as a teacher in the eyes of my colleagues, I still am excited about this school year. My students are the main reason why I teach, and I plan to just focus on them. I am excited what dramas and laughs we will share together, and their backstories and life problems. Hopefully, I could give them a school year that they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

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