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Lesson Plan in Math 6 (Integrated with Health Education)

Lesson Plan in Math 6 (Integrated with Health Education)

I. Objectives
At the end of the class, the pupils are expected to:
a. divide two to five-digit whole numbers by mixed decimals
b. write the solution correctly
c. keep one’s self healthy

II. Subject Matter
A. Division of Decimals (2-5 digits whole numbers by mixed decimals)
B. BEC PELC II.E.2.1; Mathematics for Everyday Life pp. 144-145
C. flashcard, chart, chalkboard, pictures
D. Health

III. Procedure
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Drill
            Divide the following mentally:
            1) 480 ÷ 60      2) 120 ÷ 40      3) 360 ÷ 90      4) 500 ÷  10     5) 840 ÷ 70

2. Motivation
            Present a picture of a mosquito.
            Ask: What insect is in the picture? Does this insect bring illnesses? What kind of illnesses does it carry?
            Explain that certain types of mosquitoes carry certain types of diseases. Discuss how mosquitoes carry these diseases.

B. Developmental Activities
1. Presentation
            Have the following scenario:
            Aling Dyosa’s baby got dengue fever and was rushed to the hospital. The doctor prescribed a 250 ml bottle of medicine to be given 4.5 ml per dosage. How many dosages can be made in one bottle?
Discuss the problems using guide questions.
Ask: How do we keep ourselves healthy and free from diseases like dengue?
            Elicit responses from the students.
            Facilitate the pupils in solving problem.
            Discuss the process in long division. Remind pupils how to estimate to come up with the correct answer.
            Provide other examples.

2. Exercise
Triad Activity: Show picture of a father, mother and son. Each picture has a corresponding problem. Let pupils choose which problem they will solve.
Father: Father fills in the tank with 346 liters of drinking water. If the family consumes 2.4 liters per hour, how long will the water last?
Mother: Mother bought 450 g box of milk. If each feeding requires 13.2 g of milk, how many feedings can the box of milk provide?
Son: Boboy needs to prepare mango juice for the family from a 645 gram-pack powdered juice. How many glasses can he prepare if each glass needs 12.5 grams of powdered juice?

3. Generalization
             Ask: How do we divide whole numbers by mixed decimals?
C. Application
Solve independently:
            Mr. Lopez borrowed P2,946 to buy medicines. If the medicine costs P35.50 per tablet, how many tablets can he buy?

IV. Evaluation
Find the quotient.
1) 2,709 ÷ 3.1
2) 1,026 ÷ 3.8
3) 684 ÷ 2.8
4) 780 ÷ 1.2
5) 794 ÷ 6.5

V. Assignment
 Divide and check your answer by multiplying the divisor to the quotient.

1) 473 ÷ 1.4     2) 656 ÷ 5.3                 3) 872 ÷ 0.8                 4) 1,264 ÷ 6.1              5) 2,644 ÷ 1.6

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