Friday, January 23, 2015

LET Sample Questions: Kratwohl’s Taxonomy of Affective Domain

1. Teacher J wants to formulate an objective in the affective domain in which students would be willing to be perceived by others as valuing certain ideas, materials or phenomena. In which level of Kratwohl’s taxonomy would his objective be at?
a. Receiving
b. Responding
c. Valuing
d. Organization

2. Teacher Z formulated the following objectives about abortion. Which of the following objectives is at the organization level?
a. to hear a discussion on abortion
b. to weigh in the effects of abortion
c. to show support for pro-life
d. to join a pro-life rally

3. Which is true about assessing the affective domain?
a. It is easier to assess than cognitive and psychomotor domains.
b. It emphasizes measurement of reasoning and mental faculties of the students.
c. It is the most often over-looked domain.
d. It has a six-level taxonomy starting from receiving to characterization.

4. This is a component of attitudes which include our beliefs and perceptions to a person or object.
a. Cognitive
b. Behavioral
c. Affective
d. Evaluation

5. How can motivation affect student’s learning?
a. It leads to increased effort and energy
b. It enhances cognitive processing
c. It directs behavior toward particular goals
d. All of the above.

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