Friday, October 31, 2014

United Nations Celebration 2014

     I really love United Nations Celebration because it is an activity when pupils get to dress in various national costumes. I love the idea of the diversity of each nation and culture yet we are all united as one global family. Anyway, my class's country originally was Libya just for the reason that it was the easiest flag to make. However, after the fall of Khadafi (correct spelling???), Libya's flag changed. Honestly, I found Libya's costume to be quite difficult to prepare so I was planning to change my class flag. Being an otaku teacher, my inclination was really to have Japan as our class flag. Japan is pehaps on the top of my list as my most admired and most favorite country (thank you animes and NHK World..hehehe). However, one section already had Japan as their country. But because of luck, our principal prescribed a standard size to be used for the flags and the section who had Japan was short of size. The teacher of that section (who honestly is quite indolent..hehehe..peace) doesn't want to make a new flag so she has given up the country Japan. Of course I was very happy because I don't care if I have to make a new flag as long as it is Japan. Anyway, Japan's flag is just easy to make so I didn't find any problems preparing it. I just asked my brother to machine sew it for me.
     I was very excited since my plan is to actually ask my pupils to cosplay as their national costume. I was planning to ask my escort to dress like Naruto because he looked like Naruto for me...hehehe...My muse on the other hand would be dressing as Sakura but unfortunately, she got sick and needed to be admitted to the hospital. It was really unfortunate because we could have won for Miss United Nations...
    Anyways, my muse and escort came up with a good costume dressing with kimono and samurai. I was very proud of them. Perhaps next year, if I still would have Japan as our class flag, I would really ask my muse and escort to cosplay..How unfortunate because my escort for me uite looks like Naruto during the firt season...hahaha...
Here are some of the pictures:

My muse and escort..I made the sash myself...hahahah

Other muses and escorts...

In their production number....La la la by Shakira

Of course, an activity isn't complete without a class picture...hehehe

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