Friday, October 31, 2014

Security Bank Teachers' Training

     I felt privileged that I was chosen to be one of the delegates of our school to Security Bank Teacher's Training in Cebu City, Philippines. This training is just one of the series of trainings aimed to improve teachers' skills and competence in teaching various subjects. I attended the seminar-training on Mathematics since I am the grade 6 Math teacher in our school.
Together with my coteacher, Maam Arpa...This was at the lobby...

     The venue of the training was Betania Retreat House. This is actually a retreat house run by nuns. The place was very peaceful and solemn. I was very happy that I had my own room which was a perfect place to learn and to relax at the same time. Also, since I was chasing the deadline of my thesis, the place was really perfect that I was able to pass my thesis on time. But wait there's more...they have a free wifi...hehehe....
     The training was divided into two groups: primary and intermediate. I belonged to the intermediate group since I teach grade 6. Our resource speaker was Maam Virgie from Ateneo de Manila. I really liked the way her discussion went through because there were a lot of activities and rewards..hehehe...She tried to present the topics with activities and not just her talking and talking. She also gave us prizes for winning groups which made me excited..hahah..(I'm just after for the rewards..joke).
    I learned a lot in the training especially the various ways in presenting and teaching Math lessons. Our speaker gave us more than enough of ideas for us to apply in the classroom. She also presented the current trend in Mathematics education like the Singaporean Method which uses higher ordered thinking skills and constructivist approach to learning.

My co-participants from Iloilo City with our resource speakers at the center..Maam Virgie is in yellow and Maam (I forgot her name sorry...hehehe) in black and white...
    Overall, the experience was great and productive. Aside from the training, we were able to stroll around Cebu City and bought pasalubongs. (I just bought a green Sto. Nino for my mother and a few packs of Rosquillos..hehehe).In fairness to the venue, I couldn't ask for more. The food was great because they cook their dishes themselves no to mention the atmosphere was serene and was really conducive for learning, The speakers on the other hand were competent and approachable. And most of all, the organizer, the Security Bank Foundation, who made this possible, was very generous. They shouldered all our expenses going to and fro Cebu City, plus we were given freebies and extra pocket money. Of course, we were as well very grateful for the learning experiences and the opportunity to improve our competence as teachers.
      I am just amazed on how this big company, like Security Bank, is very humble and generous enough to help and invest in education. Some companies just want to increase their revenues without social responsibility. The bank is just an example to the cliche that in great wealth, comes great responsibility. I think they never neglect that with their wealth and power, they can actually bring positive changes to the world by helping improve the quality of education.  My highest respect to the people who are behind this noble endeavor.
     This doesn't just end after our training. We have the responsibility as participants to share what we have learned to our fellow teachers and at the same time apply these to our own classroom teaching, I think it is just a way of paying forward.

P.S. Here it is..applying what I have learned..hehehe...again thank you to our speakers and Security Bank!!!!

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