Sunday, April 6, 2014

Teacher Essay: Accepting Your Students

     Hellow, hellow, hellow! Long time no posts! Any updates about me? Of course, I have not yet finished my thesis! hehehe... Anyway, graduation comes once a year and, I can't help but to share my thoughts about another year finished.
   This year, the group of students I had is quite different compared last year. Most of the time, I tend to believe that every school year is like a new season of a reality show. New contestants, new stories, new dramas. This is also one of the things I like about teaching - spontaneity. It is like every single day in the classroom is a new episode in a reality show. Going back to my students, this bunch is less mature both physically and mentally. I find most of them cute because they don't look and act like sixth graders, rather more of 3rd or 4th graders. This I find quite challenging, because they are a bit difficult to control.
    This year, I realized that teachers should not be personally angry to students. They may be naughty or talkative sometimes or even most of the times but as students and as kids, it is part of their nature. It is natural for students to be noisy at times, to play while your are not around, etc. Don't be angry and treat this as a big deal. We are teaching kids, not robots. We must not expect total silence from our students. They are kids. They are humans, so they talk. Never learn to dislike or hate them because of their misbehavior. I said this because some teachers start to dislike teaching because they dislike their students. And they are just dragged to teach because of the salary. It is a hypocrisy if I say that never did I get angry with my students. But always, if this is unavoidable, I explain why I got angry. If a teacher gets angry and students are confused why, they will never get the point or the lesson you want to inculcate to them.Of course, everything that is in excess is wrong, so we need to teach students to control their "naughtiness". But as teachers, we need to forgive the students. We must love them as they are. Teachers are not perfect, but so as our students. Sometimes we tend to see our students imperfections but neglect to see ours. Hate the sin, but not the sinner.
    Second, as teachers, we have an inclination to be fond of students who are smart, well-behaved, pretty/handsome, etc. But this year, I realized that we should also have a sincere attention to those students who are the opposite. I would not say the words but you know what I mean. I have to be honest but sometimes, I tend to play favorites. But never did I make this obvious but I do have favorite students...hehehe....However, I always adhere to the idea that as teachers, we are teachers to all kinds of students, smart or not, pretty or ugly, whatsoever. (This is also one of the reasons why I took up Special Education as may master's because of this philosophy.) And I said sincere because we should not give them the attention because we have to, but  because we care and love them as our students.
     Lastly, since I am teaching in sixth grade, I find it a bit hard knowing the fact that you are the last teacher that the students will have before ending their elementary years. I don't know why but the idea of them leaving and going on with their lives bit saddened me. I know that it is impossible to let them stay for the rest of their lives. But I am just hoping that at some point, I was once significant to them and has inspired them for the good. I may sound sentimental again but perhaps because I consider every student a part of my heart, and not just my memory. Every mingle and interaction with them is sincere and not just because it is "work" or "I am getting paid" mentality. In contrast, I am also happy and excited for what will they become in the future. I think the these thoughts and feeling overpower my sadness of them leaving. I am thrilled to see them grow and become who they want to be in the future. And I would be very ecstatic to see them successful or have grown even better.
   Here are my harvest this school year...League of Legends-inspired (because they are as naughty as minions and as impulsive as the heroes)....try to find me...hehehe....


  1. Good day sir Jay.. (hehehe fc much) I'm one of your avid reader of your blog.. and yeah.. your posts help me a lot.. Thanks too u sir and more power to ur blog...

  2. you are in row 6, column 8.. am I right sir??

  3. Just finished reading all your posts from 2010 up to the latest one. When you noticed that you could manage your comments on your blog, you've started changing subject of your posts. Not only that, you even removed the answer key.

  4. I can't help but to comment on this one..hmmm...First of all, the transition in my posts only reflects how I have grown as an educ student and then a LET-taker and now a full-fledged teacher. To make things clear, I only post when I'm inspired, so all of my posts here are the results of being inspired and the feeling of "I-need-to-share-this" and not for the sake of pleasing all the readers who stumble upon my blog. To accuse me of removing the answer key is totally preposterous. And perhaps if you're capable of answering it yourself why bother sour graping that I "removed" an answer key. Now, if you're an educ stud or a LET taker, I honestly do not owe you everything that you want to find in my blog. If you don't find what you need, I think google has endless blogs that will suit your needs. Anyway, thanks for reading..GBU