Saturday, November 2, 2013

Math Posters

    As a Math teacher, I personally believe that the best motivation in teaching math is no other than competence. According to Bandura, people are motivated to do something if they know they can actually do it. And as a teacher, I always first and foremost motivate my students to learn math by telling them they CAN actually do math. That math is never a difficult subject rather an exciting and a fun one.
    For instance, when I teach a topic for the first time, I usually give the easiest examples. Not that I want to water down my content or the difficulty but rather, again, my priority is to make my students feel competent. If students will feel they find difficulty even just in the examples, they will be less motivated to pursue the rest of the discussion. As we go along with the discussion, I gradually make the examples a bit challenging until such time that I provide them examples that they can do independently. .
    Personally, this what motivated me as well to love math. When I was a student, I was not the best in our math class. But then, I feel less motivated to like or learn the subject because at the end, no matter how hard I try, I still can"t do it. But when I am in college, with the help of some good teachers, I started to like math because little by little I felt a sense of confidence that I can solve math problems. It made me realize that I shouldn't be afraid of math as long as I just practice and learn to love the subject. This is the reason why I always tell my students, "Learn to love math, and Math will love you more". In short, the more you love math, the more it is easier for you to learn and master the subject.
    As promised, I would like to share my self-made math posters. Try to post these inside your classroom especially in a part where students can see these immediately. I personally posted these in front of my class, above my chalkboard. These might be distracting according to some teachers, but for me, these are just reminders that whenever students find math difficult and at the brink of giving up, they will think that they CAN do math.

If Mr. Bean can do Math, why can't I?

I can knock out Math problems. I may have lost sometimes, but never will I give up.

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