Friday, March 18, 2011

Forms forms forms

These days I've been busy filling out a lot of forms in the public school system. Perhaps this is the reason why if you will check the Table of Specifications of LET, you have there "Filling out Forms". I have to be honest and I must admit that I am not that quite familiar with DepEd forms since I myself am a neophyte teacher. Anyway, here are just some of the forms which I am familiar with.

Form I - School Register
Form 48- Daily Time Record
Form 137- Pupil/Student Permanent Record
Form 138- Report Card
Form 18- Record on Promotions

What else???I don't know...hehehehe....

I will just post some LET topics if I'm totally free from schoolwork...


  1. hi, thanks for posting study guides for let, ive been following your post... its been a great help for me since i will take the let exam this coming april,2011.. more power, God bless.

  2. what about form 3 and form 2 in teaching ma'am ??
    attendance is reflected on what form|??

  3. I am still on the process of familiarizing other forms...and as far as I'm concerned, I haven't come across forms 2 and 3 yet...hmmm...Hopefully one of these days I will be tasked to fill out those forms. Anyway, attendance is checked through the form 1 or school register. And one very very important thing: I am not a "ma'am". I am a