Friday, February 25, 2011

LET Tips: Albert Bandura's Social Learning Theory

          Forgive me if I wasn't able to update my blog that often. There was a lot of "ATs" going on in the public school system. If you are not familiar with these, I am actually referring to achievement tests namely Division Achievement Test, Regional Achievement Test and the upcoming National Achievement Test this March. These tests are conducted to measure the extent of learning of pupils among public schools in our country. But to be honest, I'm actually skeptical if these tests really "measure" what they really want to measure. Hmmmmm....
          Going back to my usual business (thank God for the holiday), here are some of the questions that usually come out visavis Albert Bandura's Social Learning Theory. As I said many times, these are just the "look" of how the questions are constructed and asked in LET. (Answers are found below, please READ first the questions before scrolling down.)

1. Young Mary saw her mother applying make-up in front of the mirror. She then went to her room and  color her face with crayons. Which psychologist can best explain Mary's behavior?
A. B. F. Skinner
B. Jean Piaget
C. Albert Bandura
D. Ivan Pavlov

2. Teacher C demonstrated the steps in ChaCha before he let his pupils do the dance. Which theory adheres to this teaching strategy?
A. PsychoSocial Theory
B. Purposive Behavior
C. Constructivist Theory
D. Social Learning Theory

3. Teacher Maila wanted to apply Bandura's principles in learning. Which of the following will she most likely do?
A. Exhibit good and proper attitudes in teaching values in GMRC
B. Present concrete materials in teaching Science
C. Do oral graded recitation in Language
D. Have the pupils draw different polygons in Mathematics

4. Which must first be taken into consideration for effective modelling to occur?
A. The learner must be able to replicate the behavior the model exhibits
B. The learner must be able to pay attention to the model
C. The learner must be motivated
D. The learner must retain what he has observed

5. Which does NOT adhere to Albert Bandura's theory?
A. Learners can learn by observing other people
B. Learners must have direct experience of the consequences of one's behavior in order to learn
C. Teachers can demonstration method as a teaching strategy
D. Teachers must serve as role models for the learners

1. C
2. D
3. A
4. B
5. B
Any questions, violent reactions and comments about the questions and answers are welcome.

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