Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Internship Experience: Off Campus Practice Teaching

I must admit that at first, I was quiet nervous that I will be teaching in a public school. I myself came from a public school so I know that pupils there are naughtier, noisier and more talkative. I have lots of worries in my head. How will I deal with my pupils? Can I hold my temper as long as possible? Will I develop hypertension before my internship ends? These are the questions I asked myself before I entered the portals of the school.
I was right when I thought that public school pupils are naughty, noisy and talkative. During my first few days, they were angels with wings and halos. But soon, as weeks passed by, their wings and halos were turned into horns and tails. Hehehe... Seriously, they were uncontrollable. It was a total chaos most especially if the teacher was not around. Looking on the brighter side, I learned to control my anger. I learned to think of the ways to control my pupils. My classroom management skill was put to test. This gave me the opportunity to pressure myself and explore my capability as a classroom manager, to maintain order and enforce discipline inside the classroom.
As to my efficacy in being a teacher, I learned a lot especially from my critic teacher. Through him, I learned how to be a creative, flexible and innovative teacher. He has lots of bright ideas and variety of ways to present the lesson even without long time planning. What I greatly admire about his teaching was that pupils were having fun while learning.
Lastly, I felt the fulfillment of the teaching profession during my offcampus internship. I really appreciate the politeness and courtesy of the pupils especially when calling me "Sir" or greeting me "Good Morning" and bidding "Goodbye". I also felt that they like and love me as their student teacher because they were saddened that I had to go. They even prepared a farewell party and gave me letters as remembrances. For me, these are the rewards of being a teacher which could never be surpassed by any amount or salary...


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