Monday, April 3, 2017

Uygongco Foundation Incorporated Scholars

     Hi there! Here I am again sharing my thoughts and reflections on another school year that has ended. 

     This year, I was assigned to be the adviser of the class in which majority are scholars of Uygoncgo Foundation  Incorporated. This foundation has been one of our school’s major stakeholders, and has given scholarships, provided feeding and educational programs and donated equipment and infrastructures to our school. One of the reasons why I decided to accept the advisership was the armchairs they donate to every class the UFI scholars are into. I was glad that they did donate armchairs for my classroom thus making it more comfortable and conducive to learning.

     This batch I must say was more manageable. I had less problems with regards to their absences and study habits since most of them are beneficiaries. Though the usual naughtiness was still there, I didn’t get stressed that much. Most of the parents were as well cooperative and were easy to deal with.

     This year, we also did some income generating activity because we planned to buy a TV set. We sold candies and fortunately, together with our PTA fund, we were able to acquire one. We were also thankful that the General PTA of our school sponsored the frame for our TV set to protect it from getting stolen.

     I am still teaching in a university after my class, so this year, I felt that my students were quite distant from me. This personal issue has been chronic and I have been thinking about this since last year. Before, I am used of having some students wait for me after class, but for this year, again, there were none. I actually had no time to stay at school after class because I needed to report to my moonlight class. I once again ended the school year feeling that I could have done this or that. I questioned myself if I have done enough, and if I really did leave a mark on their lives.

     If there is one thing that I learned for the school year is that the life of a teacher is a cycle. It goes round and round. Students come, students go. I have come to realize that I need to gradually accept this fact. This way, I won’t get saddened of my students leaving and at the same time embracing the idea that if they do move on to the next chapter of their lives, I myself must also move on.

P.S. Next year, I decided that I will no longer pursue my moonlight teaching job. Practically and professionally, the job was necessary, but personally, I felt unfulfilled. I hope I made the right decision and be positive for the coming school year.

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