Saturday, June 25, 2016

Knowledge Channel Learning Effectively through Enhanced Pedagogy

    Last June 22-24, 2016, I attended Knowledge Channel's LEEP (Learning Effectively through Enhanced Pedagogy) Seminar together with my principal and a coteacher. The aim of the seminar is to update and perhaps refresh teachers with enhanced pedagogy for the improvement of teaching-learning process. And at the same time, it intends to improve the 21st Century skills of the teachers through the use of technology and multimedia such as the Knowledge Channel.

The 80s Group with Mr. Seo, (sitted at the left), our facilitator...hello Naruto shirt...hehehe
    Our facilitators were Maam Fe Hidalgo, Sir Seo, Sir Edric and the two others (sorry I forgot their names...). They were actually good with their topics. I love how the facilitators, particularly Sir Seo utilized activity-based approach in presenting important concepts of the seminar. Though some are quite boring because of the lecture approach of the other facilitators, I still learned a lot.
   We were grouped according to our MI (multiple intelligences) and later based on the decade when we were born. I was quite lucky that I was in a group who are talented so accomplishing the tasks was a no-brainer for us. It was actually fun.

While doing our assigned task....
   Anyway, I was very appreciative and grateful to Knowledge Channel for providing us with a lot of e-learning packages which we could actually use in our school. I was very ecstatic knowing that my favorite show on Knowledge Channel, Faculty Room, was included in the package. At least, I have the complete episodes in which I could watch all over again and perhaps be used with my college education students. And I was quite happy that other teachers seem to enjoy the show as well. But most of all, I was very happy knowing that these packages can be used in teaching our students in our school in order to improve academic success. And I think through this, there is no excuse for not giving quality education to our students.
  The later part, I was quite pissed knowing that I have a part in the closing program. To be honest, when I attend seminars or teacher-related activities, I tend to maintain a low-profile. It is not that I am passive, I just don't want to be the center of attention and be the "star of the show". I just want to learn and that's it. However, as soon as the closing program started and they were distributing the programmes, I was in shock to find my name listed to "accept the challenge" of the seminar! It is not that I can't do it. It is just that if I were informed earlier, I could have prepared and have my mind set. So while the program was going on, I rushed to scribble some notes on the things I need to say, Actually, what made me pissed is the fact that I was caught unprepared. It is as if  someone wanted to sabotage me and to test if I could still deliver despite the pressure, OR, someone might have been assigned to that part and in order to save her/himself, she/he pointed the finger at me. To end my "lamentation", I was thankful that I delivered. I was a bit proud of myself for pulling that off despite of it being spontaneous and unexpected.

Isn't it obvious? I am quite not happy...hehehe
    To sum up my experience, I can say that I was totally filled with knowledge, skills and attitudes of a 21st century teacher out from the seminar. The place, the food, the conduct of the seminar was overall excpetional. And wait, I was also very happy with the chocolates they gave to those who are good performers and participants...hehehe...Thank you Knowledge Channel!

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