Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Siraan Hot Spring and Health Resort

     For our summer outing escapade, our faculty went to Siraan Hot Spring and Health Resort situated in Anini-y, Antique. It was a 2 to 3-hour ride from Iloilo City. The place is known for its hot spring which is said to be from the exhaust heat of Mt. Kanlaon (I don't know, not sure, just heard it from a lot of people..hehe). The name was derived from the white specks that you can see on its waters which is similar to a woman's cracked foundation make-up (thus "sira" or broken).
I don't have a lot of photos during this trip..sorry..

Sir Suegay, one of my coteachers, enjoying a night soak in the hot spring...

    The resort has tubs facing the sea in which visitors can soak and relax. They had a pool though when we went there, it wasn't full perhaps because of the El Nino dry spell. The water, as the name of the resort implies, is quite hot that is tolerable and relaxing. It has a smell because of its sulfur content that others my find disgusting..hehe. Anyway, it is said to have good health benefits so why not give it a try.
  The resort has rooms which is good for 12-16 people maximum. I just don't know the rate (because I was not our business manager..hehe) but I think the prices are reasonable. The beach nearby to be quite honest is not nice to have a swim because the rocks are big and pointy though the water is clear. If you want to have a swim, you can rent a boat to the nearby island Nogas ( which I will have a separate post).
   To be totally honest, I didn't enjoy the outing that much. There was social politics going on with our faculty. It has divided our faculty in groups which nullifies the purpose of the outing which is to bond. For me personally, I don't care about their groups because I don;t have any conflicts (or I just ignore it) with my co teachers. But there are some people in our faculty which has negative vibe, infecting others to coagulate and distance themselves with the other group. hay....sad reality about being with "professionals".
   Anyway, I did't let this destroy my personal experience at Siraan. As a whole, though the air among the faculty is murky, for me personally, it was a chance to experience Antique for the first time. I really fell in love with the scenery of the Southern Panay coastline as we travel by bus. The breeze, the sound of waves...I can spend the whole day just relaxing and experiencing the moment. Nogas Island was also a nice experience, and I will share this in my next post.

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