Monday, March 28, 2016

Graduation Reflection

     Hi.. it is end of the school year and I once again will share my reflections of the year that has passed (it is as if there are interested..hehe). Now where will I start… to be honest I’m just typing random thoughts because I don’t know how to describe this year.

      Perhaps I will start with the fact that I was able to alleviate a bit my financial problems because I got a moonlight job teaching in college. However, I don’t know but it is as if this has made my year quite a low for me.  Though my class starts after my official time in school, I tend to rush to prepare myself for the college class. Why was it so big deal for me? Before, I usually leave school late because I tend to tutor some students who lag behind in class.  Yes, I still tutor but it is not as passionate as before. I also spend my after-class time in retention as a form of discipline to some of my students. But discipline as it is, it always ended up as bonding moments for me and my students since, we, after all the scolding and sermons, etc, ended up going home together. This also has proven as to who my loyal students are. There are students who would stay with you no matter how late you’ll go home. They would help you with your classroom chores, or even just stay and talk with you. I suddenly remembered my favorite student last year (You may read my post about this HERE). But this year, there were none. I always tell them to go home immediately so that after my official time, I have no students to think of (since I need to directly go to my college class and I don’t have to worry of any liability as to what will happen to them when I already left school). And this is quite saddening. 

    The results? I felt a bit of disconnect to most of my students. There are some whom I totally don’t even know their stories. Before, every nuance of their lives I tend to divulge so as to understand them more. But this school year, there are some whom I felt as if I am a stranger to them. 

     My class also seems uncontrollable. Perhaps because of the lack of discipline, which I said I usually do after class. Instead of getting mad sometimes of their behavior, I tend to let go of it, because again, I have no time to scold them since I still have a class to attend.

      Sometime, I ask myself if it was all worth it. Practically speaking, yes. The monetary benefits for my moonlight job supplemented my financial difficulties. But thinking of my students who are, and will always be my top priority, I don’t know if it is really all worth it. However, a part of me tells that it is still ok since I am teaching future educators. And the idea of having the opportunity to inspire future teachers is already a noble task. Though I may have shortcomings with my elementary students, at least I have done my part of inspiring future teachers to become full-fledged teachers someday. And be able to share my principle of being a caring and loving teacher to learners.

      Perhaps the bottomline of my reflection this year that not all the time you are the “best teacher” in the eyes of your students. There are batch of students who see you as their favorite while some see you as the worst, or just one of the usual teachers, even though you give the best you can. Most of the time, I tend to do my best for me to become their “most memorable teacher” or their “best adviser so far”. But there are things beyond our control and we can’t just please everybody.  All we need to do is just to do our best to fulfill our tasks. Whether or not our efforts and hardwork are appreciated, we just have to live another day, another school year of being a teacher, and of course, to be a better and “stronger” teacher the next school year.

      Anyway, here are my harvest for the school year...where is me again???? This school year, we had a graduation we are all pretty and handsome here...hehehe

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