Friday, February 19, 2016

English Posters: Adverbs (Justice League)

ADVERBS- words that describe a verb, an adjective, or another adverb; may indicate manner, time, place, degree, affirmation or negation
 Joe slowly answered the test.
 Mel is eating his lunch now.
 The lady is so beautiful.
 Fe studies quietly in her room.
 Molly is not tall.
doctor   green   they   eat   walk
a. Adverbs of Manner – How? 
Lea greeted Mr. Reyes politely.
b. Adverbs of Time – When?
The principal will arrive later.
c. Adverbs of Place – Where?
Baby can play anywhere.
d. Adverbs of Degree – 
How much? How little?
Julia Baretto is so pretty.
e. Adverbs of Affirmation – Yes
Yes, she is pretty.
f. Adverbs of Negation – No 
She is not pretty.

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