Monday, December 21, 2015

Damires Hills, Iloilo

      For our Christmas party, our faculty went to Damires Hills Resort located at Janiuay, Iloilo. It was a 45-minute to an hour travel from the city of Iloilo.

     There is an entrance fee of P100 pesos per head and the cottage fee ranges from P2500-P4500 I think. The good thing is that the cottage fee is consumable to food which is quite reasonable. For me personally, food prices is a bit expensive but it tastes good. There is also service fee for every dish that you order.
     I have nothing negative to say about the environment because it is surrounded by beautiful landscaped greenery. There was a little breeze though despite this fact perhaps because of its topographic location.
     You can also enjoy a lot of amenities and outdoor activities like ziplining, ATV, swimming and canopy walk (which I loved). One comment though is that the there are spelling errors on the poem posted along canopy walk trail (sorry can't help being a teacher). At the end of the trail, there is a hanging bridge which is daunting for some but exciting at the same time.

    Now going back to our Christmas party, I honestly didn't enjoy it because I had an acid attack. I planned to eat a lot because we brought lechon (wait, there is also a corkage fee for every dish your bring inside the resort) but before we had our lunch I drank coke with an empty stomach. So I ended up limiting my lunch. Good thing the resort sells Yakult which relieved my hyperacidity.
   We went home at around 3;30 pm though if you want to stay overnight there are cottages and rooms available. Overall, I would say that Damires Hills is one fine resort in Iloilo. The swimming pool is clean, the ambiance is great, the food though a but expensive for me personally is delicious. I certainly would go back anytime.

P.S. The person in-charge at the entrance has stentorian voice which is quite intimidating and not accommodating (in our terms, daw medyo "atik"). Maybe it is just his personality...hehe. And try to peruse your chit because there are discrepancies at times especially on the entrance fee and the food you ordered. And give a tip to your service crew though there is a service charge, just a sign of your generosity.

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